Tavu´s agility results


I have competed with Tavu almost every weekend in August and the results have been unbeliveble good! Out teamwork has really worked, I have never have such fun in agility before. Here are our 0-results from July to today.

28.7.2012 Rauno Virta (Jump):Ranking 2/15
18.8.2012 Minna Räsänen (Agility): Ranking 3/10
25.8.2012 Sari Mikkilä (Jump): Ranking 5/18
25.8.2012 Eeva-Liisa Pohjanen (Agility): Ranking 2/17
26.8.2012 Sari Mikkilä (Jump): Ranking 4/22
1.9.2012 Jarmo Jämsä (Agility): Ranking 1/14
1.9.2010 Jarmo Jämsä (Jump): Ranking 2/14
8.9.2012 Jarmo Jämsä (Agility): Ranking 2/11

So we are now missing only one 0 from agilityrace to participate Finnish Championship Competions next year. :)

Photo: Sari Eskelinen

But now it is time to take a little break. I have booked veterinarian to sterilize Tavu in the end of September. I am a quite nervous about the operation, but Tavu is too old to get puppies and I am also worried that she will get metritis some day.

Some news also from Catrina. She is currently living with my parents in Tornio. She really enjoy being the only queen in the house and not missing me or Tavu at all. She was a little stressed to our daughter so I think it best for her to be just a grandmother’s dog. I really miss her and Tavu also, but so far I think this is best decision. And of course I can see her quite often.

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