Name: Camatz King of Kings (SE20853/2012)
Breeder: Kennel Camatz, Camilla and Mats Norlund, Kalix, Sweden
Breed: Shetland sheepdog
Dam: SE Ag(hopp)Ch Camatz Solitaire Star “Vera”
Sire: Imaferrari’s Flamecatche “Oliver”
Day of birth: 2012-03-03
Colour: Sable
Sex: Male
Hips: -later
Elbows: -later-
Knees: -later-
Eyes: CRD (2012-04-30)

Hälsningar från Sverige!

Sometimes you just feel it when someone is right for you.

Lot of surfing and searching before I found the website of kennel Camatz. There was a video of a lovely 5 weeks old puppy who was playing with toy. And I lost my heart. :) Even though the puppy was sable and male! Luckily he was still available. I met him and his mother and grandmother first time on May Day, and I really liked all of them. Unfortunately I had earlier booked a trip to Åland so I couldn’t take him with me right away. But now he is here!

Future plans for Loki is agility, agility agility and obedience. I hope everything goes well and we get lots of immemorial moments together!

I really want to thank Camilla and Mats for this puppy. I think you gave the best possible start for him and now it is easy to me carry on with Loki.

The name of Loki
It wasn’t an easy task to decide a name! I read about Scandinavian mythology and there where a god named Loki (or Loke). And it is also a computer language so it felt quite suitable. And it suits well with Tavu (Byte).

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